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Thread: NB550D-10G - Linux operating system

  1. NB550D-10G - Linux operating system
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    Mar 2012
    I have recently bought an NB550D-10G and have not yet used it.

    I'm not a Windows fan and with a new desktop PC my first move would be to replace Windows with some form of Linux operating system.

    However, before doing this on this netbook I want to check what the effect is likely to be on some of the features. I am interested in the following:

    1. Dolby Advanced Audio
    2. USB sleep and charge
    3. Sleep and music
    4. Power management
    5. Any other functions

    For example, am I going to be able to use the sleep and music function when running Linux, or is this dependent on Windows or other pre-installed software?

  2. Re: NB550D-10G - Linux operating system
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    Sep 2009

    You probably know that Toshiba doesn’t support Linux and maybe you should check some Linux forum and exchange experiences with people who use Linux. Believe me you will have better chances to get god answer there.

  3. Re: NB550D-10G - Linux operating system
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    Feb 2012
    Linux has problems with sleep, so I wouldn't expect to have immediate results with #2 and #3. Power management (#4) can be poor because Linux drivers are often written in a way that uses more power than needed.

    I'd suggest doing a search for your specific issues in a Linux forum, because someone probably has fixes for these issues, but it won't be automatic. It will, however, be worth the effort in the end.

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