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Thread: Permissions on Android AT200 removable SD card set to read only

  1. Permissions on Android AT200 removable SD card set to read only
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    Feb 2012
    Recently the removale SD card on my at200 has been set to read only for all but a few applications. This mean that when editing or trying to save, copy docs on the SD card I get the "not enough permissions" message. Any editing by these applications requires shifting files to onboard SD card and back again.

    Toshiba file manager is able to rw OK, but my other file manager fails, as does ezy PDF.
    Reading the attributes of the SD card show that it is set to rw for data.p (permissions XML). But looking at info from file manager shows sdcard directories and files set to dr- or -r-.

    Is there some way of getting this changed to allow access for all my installed apps? Or even some?

  2. Re: Permissions on Android AT200 removable SD card set to read only

    Reading your message it seems that your issue has nothing to do with the AT200 hardware but with the permissions set in single Android applications.
    I think you should check the Android support forums to get more details about the single applications and how to change the permissions for these apps.

  3. Re: Permissions on Android AT200 removable SD card set to read only
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    Feb 2012
    Thanks for that.

    The reasoning for posting here is that EVERY app other than Toshiba file manager is being denied permissions to write to the external SD card regardless of the permissions viewable in the app manager, regardless of the permissions set on installation and regardless of the rw state of the SD card.

    While I agree that it would be prudent to explore the "individual app" approach, and i have raised the issue with several of the app developers, it is unlikely that all non-toshiba apps have made the same error.

    I'd really appreciate an experienced view of whether this is an android, Toshiba issue, as it presently makes this tablet much less useful than advertised. Given the weight toshiba attaches to connectivity and sdcard use in its advertising, i would suggest that it makes it unfit for purpose.

    Since posting on this foum i have found this issue also has been the subject of numerous posts on other forums in regard to both the at200 and the toshiba thrive tablet. Again, with several unrelated apps, suggesting strongly that the issue is with the tablet or the installed os.

    A dedicated Toshiba user. Currently two laptops and this tablet.

  4. Re: Permissions on Android AT200 removable SD card set to read only
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    Feb 2012

    Found this note from zc2 on the xda forum dealing with the same issue December 2011.

    "The owners of Honeycomb-powered tablets experience a problem writing to the external SD card, because since v3.2 the permissions for the files there were changed from sdcard_rw to media_rw.
    According the file /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml, any application with declared permission "android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE" should be included to that media_rw group.
    But that won't happen.
    I made a test application to show the group membership (it just executes the "id" command), and according to its output, the application is not member of the media_rw group, despite the "android.permission.WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE" permission is mentioned in its manifest.xml"

    This is somewhat confirmed by a comment returned to me from the AntTek File Explorer developers on an interum work around for this problem (a common one since 3.2)

    "While waiting, the simple solution, if your device is rooted, is as follows:

    1. Using AntTek File Explorer, active Native mode from application preference.

    2. Navigate to /system/etc/permissions.

    3. Open platform.xml and find the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.

    4. Add an additional group definition for this permission: <group gid="media_rw" />. It will grant AntTek Explorer (and other applications) permission to writing to removable SD Card. After edited, it will look like:


    <permission name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE">

    <group gid="sdcard_rw" />

    <group gid="media_rw" />



    5. Save the changes to the file.

    6. Restart your tablet."

    My tablet is not rooted so this was not available to me, but it appears this is a major issue for Honeycomb, including the version on the AT200. Is there any plans to fix this bug do you think? Or is there a date for the promised update to ICS for the AT200, another prime selling point.


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