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Thread: Tecra S11 - High Speed Fan

  1. Tecra S11 - High Speed Fan
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    Mar 2012
    Hi guys,

    I need some help on a issue that really puzzle's me.

    After I tried to make a bios update to the ultimate (February 2012) version, within windows 7, I've obtained an error message stating that I had no permission to make the update. Since then, the fan starts to rotate in high speed, as soon as I start the computer, just after the logo display.

    Since then I've upgraded the bios using the Dos procedure, but the proble persists. It performs like a fully fledge high capacity server regarding the noise fan.

    How can I troubleshoot this and solve it?
    Thank you.

  2. Re: Tecra S11 - High Speed Fan
    Do you have an fingerprint reader software preinstalled on this notebook?
    Please check this…

    The old fingerprint reader software caused some problems like intermittent hang up or freeze of your machine (with possible high rotation FAN) as mentioned here:

    Update this software or uninstall this from the system you don’t use it.

  3. Re: Tecra S11 - High Speed Fan
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    Mar 2012
    Hi MasterG,
    Thank you for your answer but that is not the problem.

    Than Fan rotation starts at Post level, long before the Os kernel starts to execute.
    Another starnge thing is that when I put the pc on sleep mode, when it awakes the fan is stoped. If I restart the Pc the symptom restarts.

    I tried to update the bios to ver 3.30 using BIOS330_EC200.exe
    It could be a EC/KBD problem. When executing from Win7 it states:
    BIOS Version : Current Ver.3.30 --> Updated Ver.3.30
    EC Version : Current Ver.1.90 --> Updated Ver.2.00

    There is need to update EC.


    Error: Preparing to update was failed.
    You have not given permission to execute the update.

    Really there's a problem with the update. Then only way I could do the bios update was preparing a Dos usb device and boot executing Chgbiosf BIO0076T.com and it worked.
    when I tried to update the Ec using Chgbiosf EC72V200.BIN it says that the file does not exist.

    So, this is the status of the problem. I don't know if anyone can help, but I fear that th Tecra S11 will blow up anytime soon if this continues.

  4. Re: Tecra S11 - High Speed Fan

    I think that you could not run Win-based BIOS update because of the new Win 7 version… reading your first posting, it looks like you have installed Win 7 Ultimate. Right?
    Well, BIOS update requires essential Toshiba tool like VAP (value added package).
    So this software should be installed to be able to run BIOS update.

    Install or update this VAP software and try the BIOS update once again

    Despite the fact that fan start to run before Win 7 has been booted up, I would recommend to update the fingerprint software too!

    Last but not least access the BIOS and set it to default pressing F9 in order to check if some improvements would be noticeable..

  5. Re: Tecra S11 - High Speed Fan
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    Mar 2012
    Hi again,

    thanks for your answers.
    regarding the windows 7, I've tried also the bios update using the toshiba preinstalled version of windows 7 and the result was the same, and that puzzles me, inspite the fingerprint sw update

    Of course that VAP was installed in the Toshiba version, but also on my windows 7, and I'd also tried again the F9 defaults on the bios setup, but to no good.

    Is there a condition or criteria that the bios update fetches from the hw or sw of the pc, checks it and determines that some thing is missing or whatever? It seems that many people are suffering these problems and I thinh that toshiba is not addressing the issue properly.

    The problem persists, the fan rotattes at high speed as soon as I turn on the pc, bat assumes the correct behavior, afetr I close the lid and it enters on sleep mode, and after the awake, everything is normal. Probably this anomaly will be fixed with the EC update to the 2.00 version, and so thats why I'm trying and bothering you with this problem. Thanks anyway.

  6. Re: Tecra S11 - High Speed Fan
    Not sure how you help you… there is just an BIOS update package available on the Toshiba European driver page… while BIOS update the EC would be updated too.

    As far as I know to rewrite the EC/KBC the notebook needs to be in boot mode (powered off). The USB Flash Memory containing EC/KBC rewriting data need to be connected. Now turn on the power while holding down the Tab key (keep holding down the key until a beep sounds) The EC/KBC rewriting should starts.

    But not sure if this can help you in worst case the unit will not boot up.

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