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Thread: Upgrade Win7 Home x64 to Win7 Professional

  1. Upgrade Win7 Home x64 to Win7 Professional
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    Mar 2012
    Hi there

    Just purchased the z830 which comes with Windows® 7 Home Premium (64bit) and just wondering can i upgrade it to Win7 Pro (32bit)? I have the Win7 Pro CD already but just want to see if there will be any hardware issue and software issue? and how do i create a recovery partition if i upgrade it to Win 7 Pro.

    Thanks People


  2. Re: Upgrade Win7 Home x64 to Win7 Professional
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    Hello David

    You can upgrade Win7 and you can also make clean Pro installation. It is your decision but before you do anything please create recovery DVD using preinstalled “Toshiba recovery disc creator”.
    It is very important. It can happen that after OS upgrade you will not be able to start recovery image from HDD. You will not have access anymore.

    With recovery DVD in the hand the situation is completely different. Anytime you want you can use this disc for Win7 installation and have “factory settings” again.

    Generally speaking all offered drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba download page are the same for home premium or professional version so if you will make decision to install clean version you can download all stuff from - http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp

    Please let us know what do you want to do exactly and if you need some assistance you are welcome.

  3. Re: Upgrade Win7 Home x64 to Win7 Professional
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    Of course you can upgrade preinstalled version to Pro version. Many people do this, mostly clean OS installation.

    Important is that you have created recovery DVD before you start to change anything.
    If you will decide to make clean OS installation it is very important to install all drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities in specific order so if you need some help with this let us know.

  4. Re: Upgrade Win7 Home x64 to Win7 Professional
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    Apr 2012

    I want to upgrade the Home version of Win 7 to Pro, too.
    So i'd like to know if it is possible to install for exampel the Microsoft Office starter Software that will propably come with my Satelite P750 on the new "clean" OS by using the Recovery Disc?
    Or is it possible to download the Software seperately?

  5. Re: Upgrade Win7 Home x64 to Win7 Professional
    *@ Cartman_2*
    No, this is not possible. If you would install an clean Win 7 on your notebook, you could download only the Toshiba drivers and tools from the Toshiba page.
    Other software which is part of the Toshiba image on the recover disk cannot be downloaded… I think because of the license requirements…

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