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Thread: Ubuntu on Qosmio F750-120

  1. Ubuntu on Qosmio F750-120
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    Mar 2012
    Hi guys,

    I have a problem with my new laptop, i had difficulties to install Ubuntu because the default config of the boot cd don't boot, i had to press F6 and use custom config to boot, wen i install i cant install video driver and the resolution that it suport is very low.
    I read that we can install bumblebee, but i don't figure it how, but i think that i have to install the intell drivers then the nvidia ... please i ned help im using ubuntu throw virtual box.

    The grafic is Geforce gt540 optimos

  2. Re: Ubuntu on Qosmio F750-120
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    Mar 2012
    Well guys have managed to solve ....

    is as follows ...

    1st install ubuntu, by pressing f6 at the beginning to start the nomodeset if they are using a pen instead of aconcelho cd to install ubuntu without the Caribe gáfico environment that is here x32 http://ubuntu.virginmedia.com/releases/11.10 / 11:10 ubuntu-x64-alternate-i386.iso http://ubuntu.virginmedia.com/releases/11.10/ubuntu-11.10-alternate-amd64.iso

    2 of the first time should begin to start in safe mode at startup, when starting in prencipio will have unity with a 2D graphics ranhosos and there instead of doing the updates install normal nvidia drivers that you appear in the additional drivers and restart. .

    3 after restarting install all updates if all goes as I ran to me will have the correct monitor resoloção but with unity 2d, at this point will install Ironhide.


    desktop tools
    codeapt-get install mesa-utils [/ code]

    adicionão PPAs

    codesudo apt-add-repository ppa: mj-casalogic/ironhide && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install Ironhide Ironhide, ui [/ code]

    after installing it will try to configure, like this toshiba has no configuration should do so manually.

    img http :/ / img17.imageshack.us/img17/896/captureironhideconfigur.png [/ img]

    in case you do not pop up the configuration system should run this command

    code sudo Iron hide-configuration [/ code]

    then restart it so ...
    I hope it helps others like me ..

  3. Re: Ubuntu on Qosmio F750-120
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    Mar 2012
    I found the anser

  4. Re: Ubuntu on Qosmio F750-120
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    Sep 2009

    Please be so nice and translate your posting to English language. I think many people hee want to read this. Do it please.

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