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Thread: Tecra A11 - Win XP and Win 98 multiboot

  1. Tecra A11 - Win XP and Win 98 multiboot
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    Feb 2012

    I would like do a multiboot XP / 98 on a TECRA A11.
    Do you think it's possible.
    Will I have some drivers dysfonction?

    Thanks for answer !!

  2. Re: Tecra A11 - Win XP and Win 98 multiboot
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    Sep 2009
    Well, Win XP installation should not be a big problem because the Win XP drivers seem to be available on Toshiba European driver page.

    But Win 98 might be a problem here since its not supported and the drivers are not available… you will need to search for such drivers at your hand and I think this might be a painful time… I doubt you will be able to get Win 98 drivers because this OS is really, really old.

    I would recommend installing the Win 98 only using Virtual Machine (VM) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_machine
    or Virtual PC

    This is very easy… running Win XP you can open virtual PC or VM and could start the Win 98

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