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Thread: Cannot connect Tecra M10 to the Internet

  1. Cannot connect Tecra M10 to the Internet
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    Feb 2012
    My wife has a TecraM10 with a Intel 82567LM gigabit wired network adapter. She cannot connect to the Internet through the wired LAN either by plugging directly into the Cat 5 receptacle on the back of the machine or thorugh a docking station.

    One diagnostic says that the LAN switch is off and check the manual as to its location in order to turn it on.

    I can't find a reference to a LAN switch in the manual. I have checked the TCP/IP protocols and they are ste up properly and the Device Manager says it is working properly.

    Any ideas?? Thanks. John

  2. Re: Cannot connect Tecra M10 to the Internet
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    Sep 2009
    Hello John

    Is LAN card installed and listed properly in device manager?
    >... LAN switch is off
    Notebooks doesnít have LAN switch. WLAN switch only so I donít understand how you can get such message.

    Please check device manager at first and let me know if LAN card is OK there?
    When you connect LAN cable to your Tecra is green LED ON?

    By the way: have you tested LAN connection using other PC/notebook?

  3. Re: Cannot connect Tecra M10 to the Internet
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    Feb 2012
    The device manager says the LAN adapter is working properly. There is no green light on. The cable is good when used with another laptop and works properly. Hope this helps to find out what is going on. We also just tried a USB to Ethernet adapter to see if that would work - it doesn't. Thanks for the help.

  4. Re: Cannot connect Tecra M10 to the Internet

    There is no switch to enable or disable LAN.
    What you can do is to check the BIOS and set it to default. Then save the changes and boot up the unit again.

    The green light (part of LAN port) should be on while connecting the LAN cable to the LAN port. If itís not ON, I assume there is something wrong with the connection between the cable and pins of the LAN portÖ I think an technician should take a look to this issue.

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