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Thread: Toshiba All-in-One DX1210 - remote stopped working

  1. Toshiba All-in-One DX1210 - remote stopped working
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    Feb 2012

    I have a DX1210 (PQQ09A-02900G), and I have an issue where the remote works fine when I start the machine for about 15-20 mins, then it just stops working.

    There are no errors and can't find anything in the event logs.
    Only way to get it to work again is reboot or put it to sleep and wake it up again.

    Still only lasts another 15 mins or so again.
    Anyone come across this before? Running Win7 64bit.



  2. Re: Toshiba All-in-One DX1210 - remote stopped working

    Did you check if driver reinstallation/update would fix this issue?
    I think you should check this…

    There is an driver called “Winbond CIR Driver”

    You should uninstall this firstly and after new reboot, install this package again.

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