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Thread: Stor.e Alu 2 3.5'' - file transfer problem

  1. Stor.e Alu 2 3.5'' - file transfer problem
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    Feb 2012

    I have recently bought a Stor.e Alu 2 3.5'' External HDD and I have a serious problem. When I am trying to copy to it a number of video files, the transfer never succeeds. It starts at a speed of about 20+ MB/sec, but after a while (a minute or so), nothing else is transfered and the progress bar stays still.

    The LED light seems to be flashing though and no error message comes up from Windows Vista or Ubuntu that I am using. The few video files that I have managed to copy to it successfully (by chance I guess!) are working fine and the drive doesn't seem to have any other issues except that it is unable to complete any defragmentation.

    I have already formatted this drive, but the problem remains and no transfer is possible unless the files are of small size. I have also checked the disc for errors and corrected them with MS-DOS command prompt many times. Please help if you think the problem is fixable or otherwise I should definitely return the drive as long as it is still under warranty.

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Re: Stor.e Alu 2 3.5'' - file transfer problem
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    To be honest I would assume that there is something wrong with this HDD and would recommend testing another one… I would get in contact with the dealer and would ask for replacement

  3. Re: Stor.e Alu 2 3.5'' - file transfer problem
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    I have a similar problem with my *Stor.e Alu 2 3.5''* 1.5TB. I had this in 2011, it registers only 1.36TB, was using this very fine to both copy files onto and from the drive until I hit a free space of 764GB on the disk. Now I am unable to copy any more files onto the disk.

    When copying several files onto the disk, the file transfer stops soon after starting at 1% copy and worse off freezes up my desktop. I have tried this on several other pcs (both desktops and laptops with windows 7 OS) but problem persists. it appears it will not store any more files though it registers 764GB free space.

    When the copying halts in the middle, windows gives the following message soon after I switch the drive off at the switch on the case
    "*Windows - delayed write failed.* Windows was unable to save all data for the file H:\$bitmap. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection, please try to save the file else where."

    though I can copy *from* this disk, *I simply can't copy any more files +on to+ the disk. Please help.*

  4. Re: Stor.e Alu 2 3.5'' - file transfer problem
    > though I can copy from this disk, I simply can't copy any more files on to the disk.

    Maybe you should move all the data from the external HDD to computer’s HDD and should format the external HDD. Run the chkdsk command for external HDD to check the HDD state and then move the data from computer to this HDD again.

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