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Thread: Touch pad stop working Satellite Pro R850-143

  1. Touch pad stop working Satellite Pro R850-143
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    Feb 2012
    I've got a satellite pro R850-143 and being new to these forums, I need some help!!!

    My touch pad has stopped working and I can only use the mouse If I attach a USB

    Could anybody advise further, or I'm I better off just sending it back to Toshiba(it's only 3 months old & still under warranty)

  2. Re: Touch pad stop working Satellite Pro R850-143
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    Sep 2009

    Are you sure that the touchpad has not been disabled accidentally by pressing an key combination?
    Usually the touchpad can be enabled an disabled using the Fn + F9
    Did you try that?

    If not do that!

  3. Re: Touch pad stop working Satellite Pro R850-143
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    Feb 2012
    Hey did you find a solution for this?

    I have a Toshiba R850-169 and got it for xmas (so it is only 2 months old) and every once and a while (about once a week) the touch pad stops responding. I have not pressed any other buttons it just stops working.

    The interesting thing is that it knows that i am touching it because of the symbol that comes up when i try to scroll using the far right of the touch pad.It just does not want to move the mouse around at all for around a minute.

    It may not sound like much but it is very frustrating when you are trying to type and scroll. I bought it from Amazon so am unsure If i would have to try to contact them or toshiba themselves?

    Also I am currently doing essays and a dissertation for University so do not want either my laptop to totally stop working or me to need to send it for repairs. :S

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Re: Touch pad stop working Satellite Pro R850-143

    I assume you have already tried the key combination recommended by PauPau.

    At the other hand you should also check if the touchpad is not disabled if an USB mouse would be attached to the notebook’s USB port.

    Go to control panel -> mouse -> Advanced tab (last tab) -> Advanced feature button

    Here check if option in area “operations during key input” are not checked.

    Furthermore the tab “Others” contains the area “USB mouse connection”. There is a option called ”touchpad is automatically invalidated”. This should not be checked.
    Enabling this option would disable the touchpad which mouse is attached.

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