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Thread: Low RAM in Satellite L500-1XL

  1. Low RAM in Satellite L500-1XL
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    Jan 2012
    When I ran a diagnostic report on my laptop (Satellite L500-1XL) it said that my RAM was low and to upgrade it for better performance - it has been very slow to start up as of late.
    However I have discovered that my model has been discontinued and I'm not sure what to do.
    Any suggestions?

    Bear in mind I am a total novice when it comes to computers so nothing too technical please!
    Thank you.

  2. Re: Low RAM in Satellite L500-1XL
    With more RAM your notebook will have better performance.
    According notebook specification your notebook is delivered with 2 GB RAM but it can be upgraded up to 4 GB.

    So buy second 2 GB RAM and upgrade your notebook.

  3. Re: Low RAM in Satellite L500-1XL
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    Jun 2009
    Dear Lottie

    You will need an DDR3 1066MHz (PC3-8500) 2GB RAM module in order to upgrade the memory to 4GB.
    You can do this yourself. Itís not very tricky and as far as I know the details can be found in the user manual.

    There are some pictures and step by step instruction how to upgrade the RAM.

  4. Re: Low RAM in Satellite L500-1XL
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    Aug 2011
    Lottie.. u need to remember on thinkg..if u use 32bit Windows(Os) ur Windows will see MAximum 3.5 GB Ram..so even u put there 4 or 6 GB ur Windows wil lread this like 3.5 GB.. 64 Bit Windows are alowed to use more.. but im not sure how muche..but muche more ;)

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