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Thread: Erratic mouse behaviour on Qosmio DX730

  1. Erratic mouse behaviour on Qosmio DX730
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    Jan 2012
    I recently purchased a Qosmio DX730 and the wireless mouse behaves erratically. It jumps about the screen and is just about manageable for basic use but practically useless for any detail work such as graphics manipulation. This isn't related to any particular program, happens with all software and windows desktop. Things I have tried but it doesn't solve the problem;
    1. changed the batteries and resync'd
    2. talked with toshiba helpline, uninstalled all drivers and reinstalled
    3. searched for updated drivers (none)
    4. tool wireless keyboard, mouse and transceiver back to shop and exchanged - still go the problem
    The wireless keyboard works fine

    I was wondering if I was getting some wireless interference but have turned off all other electric and electronic devices in the local area = no difference. I am reluctant to just give up and go to a plug in mouse because it is brand new. Any help appreciated.

  2. Re: Erratic mouse behaviour on Qosmio DX730
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    Aug 2011
    in the events of a faulty hardware it is always a good idea to see if the hardware behaves in the same erratic way on a different computer. so i would advise you to do this - if it's still erratic, theres nothing wrong with your software setup or hardware in your computer like the USB ports and most likely its a fault in the mouse itself

    if its not erratic, we can get cracking on your problem =]

  3. Re: Erratic mouse behaviour on Qosmio DX730

    You used WLan mouse… but did you test the functionality with an USB mouse?
    I recommend doing this to check if it’s really an computer issue.

  4. Re: Erratic mouse behaviour on Qosmio DX730
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    Mar 2012
    Appears there is no answer for this then?
    I am having the same problems since the day I unfortuantely bought this computer! HAve tired switching to a wired mouse and still have the problem. todge appears to have done everything and yet no solution?
    Please, anyone, is there anything else to try?

  5. Re: Erratic mouse behaviour on Qosmio DX730
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    Sep 2012
    I have exactly same problem. This was also noted in "Which Magazine" report on this PC. Which claimed to have fixed the problem so I asked them how. Their advice was to relocate dongle to lower position or plug into one of the other USB ports. This sounds easy but is not straight forward as dongle uses Mini USB connector.
    Mini USB extension lead is on order and I will see if this makes any improvement. Note: finding a suitable Mini USB extension lead was not easy & needed a bit of finding !!

  6. Re: Erratic mouse behaviour on Qosmio DX730
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    Sep 2012
    Should have added that using Advent wireless mouse (& keyboard) fixes the problem completely. Hwever I would still like to fix the supplied mouse !!

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