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Thread: Can I use SSD for Tecra A8

  1. Can I use SSD for Tecra A8
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    do you know, if it possible to install a SSD Driver for my notebook?
    And if yes, which manufacturer/brand you would recommand?
    I want to install Win7 Prof - Anything to take care of? Drivers, firmware, BIOS Version etc...?

    Thanks for tips in advance.

    kind regards


  2. Re: Can I use SSD for Tecra A8
    Generally speaking it should not be a big problem to use an SSD instead of an common HDD.
    The notebook supports the SATA interface and you have to use an 2.5” SATA SSD drive.
    I cannot recommend any specific brand but in some very rare cases it could be possible that you will need to update the SSD firmware providing by an SSD manufacturer…

  3. Re: Can I use SSD for Tecra A8
    SSD's should work fine but there is no guarantee the brand and model of SSD will work. Try to avoid the cheap value SSD's since they have the most problems.

    Win7 will run fine if you have at least 2GB of RAM and latest BIOS. You can grab the Win7 drivers from here: http://support.toshiba-tie.co.jp/windows7/drivers_au.htm

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