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Thread: Satellite C660-23M Windows 7 Hard Drive Error

  1. Satellite C660-23M Windows 7 Hard Drive Error
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    Dec 2011
    I've only had my laptop (Satellite C660-23M) for three months, I started having problems with it about a week ago, including a Blue Screen of Death moment but I got the computer into Safe Mode and did a system restore and it has been fine since then. Then earlier today I got a Windows Hard Drive error, telling me to back-up and then repair or replace the Hard Drive. The back-up is going onto an external hard drive as we speak, so fingers crosssed I won't stand to lose all my data.

    I did create a back-up media disc when I first got the laptop but everytime I tried it with validation on, it would fail but at the time, I didn't think I would need it so soon, so just created an un-validated copy and thought it'd be fine (I'm now concerned!).

    Do I need to restore my hard drive? If so, how? What caused this? And considering it's only 3 months old, am I stuck with a duff laptop that will continue to break on me??

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    In your case I would recommend checking the HDD fitness.
    This can be done using the freeware tool called HDD Drive Fitness Utility.
    I assume that this software can help to detect some HDD errors.

    If the HDD would be affected then you would need to replace the HDD.
    Here you can find a nice instruction how to do that:

    the notebook seems to be covered by warranty so the HDD can be replaced under warrant conditions means this can be done free of charge…
    I would recommend asking the ASP (service partner in your country) for such HDD… they could send you such HDD.

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