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Thread: Satellite X200-251 wont turn on after cleaning speakers

  1. Satellite X200-251 wont turn on after cleaning speakers
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    Nov 2011
    Basically, my laptop is suffering overheating problems because the fan needs to be cleaned. I decided to give it a go myself and unscrewed all the screws underneath etc, took out the battery and cd drive and removed the plastic panel covering the speakers that has the power button and other buttons on it.

    Then I decided to check the Internet for a guide to how to get to the fan. In the end it seemed more complicated then I had thought and I gave up but I thought I might as well give the speakers a little clean as they were pretty dusty.

    So I got out a cloth and a cotton bud with one end covered with Wd40 and started dusting away an cleaning. Then I put the panel back in place, put all the screws back in the underside of the laptop and returned the battery and plugged the power cable in. But... When I pushed the power button it wouldn't turn on!

    The little lights that indicate the laptop is plugged in and the battery is in are lit up but nothing happens when I try and turn it on. Also I can't get the cd drive to stay in, it keeps sliding out! I would really apreciate some help here!!!!!

    Btw the model is satellite x200-251

  2. Re: Satellite X200-251 wont turn on after cleaning speakers
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    Jun 2009

    It looks like something went wrong during disassembling.
    It’s really difficult to say what part could be affected… it sounds a little bit like the CPU would be affected… maybe it’s not connected properly… I would also recommend checking the RAM modules.

    The memory modules should be inserted correctly… Check this…

  3. Re: Satellite X200-251 wont turn on after cleaning speakers
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    Apr 2012
    A while ago i disassembled my old Satellite A100-847 to clean everything up and when i put it back i got the same problem (the laptop wasn't turning on). I checked several things, but the one that worked for me was removing the two RAM modules than putting them back (i think i first put just one ram module and the laptop turned on, than i put the second one).

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