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Thread: Portégé R830-13C (touchpad enable/disable button)

  1. Portégé R830-13C (touchpad enable/disable button)
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    Nov 2011
    Q. How do you get the little button bellow the spacebar to work on a Portégé R830-13C laptop?

    There is a button bellow the spacebar on Portégé R830-13C laptop; that seems to indicate its ability to enable and disable touchpad. It does not work.

    Pressing FN + F9 (buttons together [F9] has the same icon) - Works!

  2. Re: Portégé R830-13C (touchpad enable/disable button)
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    May 2011
    its built into the fn key functions using the toshiba flash cards utility. download and install the latest version of flashcards and see if that cures it

    the fact that it works through fn f9 combo tho makes me think you have a faulty button unfortunately

    for reference, mine works fine under both fn f9 and the dedicated button

    do the two buttons on the top of the keyboard work? they are also flashcard controlled iirc?

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