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Thread: After Recovery with CD Satellite C660-1FE keyboard does NOT work

  1. After Recovery with CD Satellite C660-1FE keyboard does NOT work
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    Oct 2011

    A month ago I purchased a Toshiba C660-1FE. After three weeks my HD broke down. I bought a new HD from Western Digital and replaced the broken HD. As I did not make an recovery image of my HD, I had to order the Product recovery discs off the Toshiba website (3 discs, of which disc 1 and 3 were the only one's required for installation).

    Now, I have the problem that my laptop keyboard does not work. I am currently using a USB keyboard and mouse to replace my keyboard and touchpad of the laptop.

    The laptop keyboard works fine in BIOS. Therefore, I hope it's just a driver problem.

    I have:

    tried finding and installing lots of drivers on from the toshiba website, no result.
    tried changing settings in the bios (usb enable/disable).
    tried to fix the problem by re-installing the entire computer again several times.

    The keyboard seems to work until windows loads. When the system is starting up I can press caps lock and num lock and the green lights come on. This all stops working once the windows startup symbol appears.

    Perhaps a second problem in the device manager: under the display-adapter, 2 subcategories have exclamation marks: it says Mobile Intel(R) 4 series express chipset family twice! I can't seems to fix these with any drivers I can find either. When I check the settings I have this message (google translate since it was in dutch):

    +The digital signature for the drivers for this device is required, can not be verified. Possible after a recent hardware or software change a file that is installed incorrectly signed or damaged, or is malicious software installed from an unknown source. (Code 52)+

    +You need to restart the computer to this device changes to take effect.+ (obviously I tried that too)

    Can someone please give me some help? I am at the end of my wits.



  2. Re: After Recovery with CD Satellite C660-1FE keyboard does NOT work

    Keyboard works in BIOS… this means that the keyboard hardware should be ok and the connection between the motherboard and keyboard is established.

    So what could be wrong? Keyboard driver?
    Hmm… the keyboard driver is a part of the Windows OS and is installed automatically while OS installation…
    I would recommend following:
    Go to device manager and extract the point Keyboard.
    There you should see something like ‘standard PS/2 keyboard’
    If you will see a red cross near this device, then this means that the keyboard is disabled.
    Usually you should be able to enable this again (in device manager).
    If there is no red cross, then I recommend deleting this keyboard from the device manager list…then reboot the notebook. Usually the OS should recognize the removed device automatically and should install the driver too.

    Check this.

    By the way: it could be possible that you have received a wrong Recovery disk… this could explain the issues after the recover procedure…

  3. Re: After Recovery with CD Satellite C660-1FE keyboard does NOT work
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    Oct 2011
    Hi MisterX,

    thank you for your response. I have tried these things and there is no such thing as PS2/keyboard in device manager. It's as if the Hardware is not even recognizable in windows. I am starting to doubt whether I got the right Backup CD.

    I wrote the following e-mail to toshibabackupmedia@bertelsmann.de:

    +Dear Toshiba,+

    +after receiving the recovery CD's for my toshiba c660-1FE, it turns out that the drivers for the keyboard and touchpad are not installed. I have tried many things to get around this but it seems to me that I have received the wrong product recovery CD's. The chipset drivers are not the right ones, the overall layout of this version of windows 7 is different from before and when looking for answers in the toshiba forum I have concluded that the recovery CD's could be the wrong ones.+

    +My laptop: Satellite C660-1FE+
    +serial: 5B378048K+
    +Part-nr: PSC0LE 02M0TU26DU+

    +Recovery CD's I received are CD's 1-3 with serial R14254DU+

    +Would you be so kind to check whether these CD's should be 100% compatible with my laptop?+

    +This would be greatly appreciated,+


    MisterX, do you know any other emails I can forward this too? Or anyone who could perhaps tell me if I got the right CD's? They are taking their time to respong to this...

    Kind regards,


  4. Re: After Recovery with CD Satellite C660-1FE keyboard does NOT work
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    I found this Toshiba document about Recover disk:

    This point might be useful:

    +My ordered Windows can not be installed. (An error occures during the installation)+
    +Make sure that your optical disc drive works correct and try it again.+
    +If the error occurs again, you can send the DVD back to Arvato and you will get a new disc free of charge.+

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