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Thread: Satellite Pro L450D black screen and won't respond to any keys

  1. Satellite Pro L450D black screen and won't respond to any keys
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    Oct 2011

    My niece has been using her Toshiba L450D for nearly a year now and has really enjoyed it, that was until last month. She turned on her laptop and when she pressed the mouse button, the button cracked and fell into the laptop.

    Now my brother contacted Toshiba and was told due it being under warranty he could return it for repair as it was a common fault. So he packed it up in loads of bubble wrap and into a box to make sure it was safe.

    A few weeks later it came back repaired but we were all shocked that the laptop was put into a box very loose and you could hear it rattling. When we turned it on the battery was flat and we had a new boot up menu.

    As she has Windows 7 installed the laptop would boot directly into Windows 7, but now after the repair the laptop is showing a black screen menu with as follows:

    +Windows 7+
    +Recover Windows to Factory Settings [EMS Enabled]+

    So we booted up into Windows and everything looked fine, but now after 5 or 10 maybe even 20 minutes the laptop just shows a black screen and won't respond to any keys or mouse movement. There's nothing on the screen its just black.

    I've booted into safe mode (which was harder with the new menu) and it does the same thing. I even managed to do a quick virus scan which took 3 - 4 minutes and was clean.

    I would like some advice on this as my niece is very upset and its hard to explain what is going on to a primary school child.

    Any help would be grateful.

  2. Re: Satellite Pro L450D black screen and won't respond to any keys
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    Did you try the HDD recovery option?

    If not, try to set the notebook back to factory settings using HDD recovery.
    Power up the unit, press F12, choose Repair my computer and then choose Toshiba HDD recovery.

    Hopefully this would work!

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