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Thread: How to install kaspersky pure on W100?

  1. How to install kaspersky pure on W100?
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    Oct 2010

    someone can explain me how i can install kaspersky pure in w100 toshiba because i've problem with
    virtual keybord not compare and so i cant insert an activity code inside special field.
    I can only if i install an external keyboard connected in usb port.

    This alternative solution is'n the best modality to use this program because there are not possibility to
    use touch screen and there is not possibility to close windows only with ALT F4 keyboard modality in windows.

    thank you very much

    bye bye

  2. Re: How to install kaspersky pure on W100?
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    Sep 2009

    Maybe this Kaspersky software is not designed for the usage on notebooks with a touch display.
    But activity code should be inserted only at the beginning… so the usage of the USB keyboard should be a option in this case…


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