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Thread: Satellite C670-11Q - "e give " keyboard issue

  1. Satellite C670-11Q - "e give " keyboard issue
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    Sep 2011
    Hello everybody,

    I have a problem on a Toshiba Satellite C670-11Q with windows Seven

    When I pouch on :

    e gives "
    t gives (
    u gives
    i gives !
    o gives

    And If i use SHIFT :
    e gives 3
    t gives 5
    u gives 7
    i gives 8
    o gives 9

    I uncheck already the Filter keys and the problem persist. It's strange beacause it's the same with Ubuntu (also installed on this laptop).

    All work as well with an usb keyboard.

    The problem comes since the cat sleep on the keyboard :)

    Do you have an idea ?

    Sorry for my bad english

    Thanks a lot
    Have a nice evening

  2. Re: Satellite C670-11Q - "e give " keyboard issue
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    Sep 2009
    > All work as well with an USB keyboard.

    For me it sounds like the keyboard would be faulty.
    The point is that if the USB keyboard is OK then the issue cannot be related to the software settings.
    So it has to be hardware fault.

    Get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country and ask for a keyboard check and replacement


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