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Thread: Windows XP installation over Win 7

  1. Windows XP installation over Win 7
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    Aug 2011
    Hey, is it possible to get rid of Windows 7 pre-installed on new Toshiba and install Windows XP instead?

    Windows (damn it!) forbids downgrading to previous versions, but - can I just clean my computer from this parasite, installing from the scratch XP, or this bug is sitting so deep, that it is possible to kill it only together with the computer?

  2. Re: Windows XP installation over Win 7
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    Sep 2009
    Of course it is possible. Before you do this create recovery DVD for Win7 and one day if you want to install Win7 again you can use this disc.
    Visit also Toshiba download page and check if WXP is supported or not. If not you will probably have problems to find all necessary drivers. Toshiba specific tools and utilities that you need for many important activities will be missing as well.
    Without WXP support you should not install WXP.

    By the way: you have newest piece of hardware so I donít understand why to use old operating system. You should look forward and use newest hardware with newest OS.

  3. Re: Windows XP installation over Win 7
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    Jul 2011

    Get more information to help to install windows xp over win 7 :


    Hope this information helps you.

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