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Thread: Satellite A665-S5170 reset to factory defaults

  1. Satellite A665-S5170 reset to factory defaults
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    Aug 2011
    I purchased this laptop in Feb of 2011 from best buy, I went on vacation in April, left my father to house-sit and he used my computer. Claimed there were infestations of viruses and his "techie" friend installed linux mint OS on my computer and I want it gone.

    I want my Windows 7 back but I didn't make any recovery discs because I hadn't had it too long and didn't have the chance (not expecting my dad to do something like that to it either). I know in some of the Satellite systems there is a separate partition for the system restore, can I access that without Windows on my computer anymore? It isn't dual booted, it's straight linux and I cannot STAND it. I also cannot afford to pay for the new install discs. Please help!

    I can't use any of my programs and I don't like the alternatives. I want Windows back! Thanks for any help, it's VERY much appreciated!!!

    EDITED TO ADD: Since the installation of Linux, my touch buttons do not light up or work, but i believe they may only work in conjunction with windows.

  2. Re: Satellite A665-S5170 reset to factory defaults
    If the Recovery Partition is still on the HDD, you can try holding down the Zero key during power-on. If it just boots into Linux then you may need to order a Recovery Disc from Toshiba.

    The Fn/touch keys won't work in Linux because it is a Toshiba feature supported by the Toshiba Value Added Package in Windows.

    If you don't like Mint, you can try another Distro such as Ubuntu.

  3. Re: Satellite A665-S5170 reset to factory defaults
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    Hi NaniApo,

    Usually if another operating system is installed you are not able to start the HDD recovery anymore but you can try holding down the Zero key as Akuma wrote.

    If it doesnít work your only option to restore the original factory settings is Toshiba recovery disk. If you donít have it you can order one from an authorized service provider in your country. On Toshiba website is a list with all ASPs.

    I have read that you cannot afford to pay for a new recovery disk but on the other side I must say you didnít had time to read the user manual and you have to pay for this mistake. If I buy a new computer, TV or another multimedia device I always have time to read the user manual first and everybody knows how important it is. ;)

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