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Thread: Sometimes my Satellite L40 wonít turn on

  1. Sometimes my Satellite L40 wonít turn on
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    Jul 2011
    I have a Satellite L40-18w model number PSL4CE, it has been working perfectly until one day it just went off all of a sudden while working on it, while all LED light went off too. I have unplugged it and tried to turn it on again it didnít respond.

    Iíve tried to removed the battery and use only the electricity plug it either didnít respond, so I decieded to keep it unplugged till the next day. The next day, amazingly it was just working fine until it went off again, sometimes it would take it two to three days without any response to pressing the power switch. I must say that sometime the LED would turn green while plugged and the battery installed.

    I have done a check on the charger using a Voltmeter, and it was producing the expected volts. I also have checked the electrical hatch which gets plugged by the charger it was well fitted.

    Please help me solve this problem; Iím so upset that my laptop isnít working properly.

  2. Re: Sometimes my Satellite L40 wonít turn on
    If it's shutting off, it may be overheating due to excessive dust in the heatsink. But if it's not powering on intermittently, then it may be a mainboard problem, or the Memory/RAM has gone bad, or some other hardware problem.

    You may need to send the notebook to a Toshiba service center. There is an ASP list on the Toshiba support website.

  3. Re: Sometimes my Satellite L40 wonít turn on
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    It is not easy to say for sure what the problem is but switch off is typical behaviour for overheating. When the sensors placed on the mainboard register critical hardware temperature notebook suddenly switch off.

    Satellite L40 is pretty old notebook and I can imagine it is full of dust that blocks cooling grills and your notebook cannot be cooled down properly.
    In my opinion your first step should be notebook clean up. Do this and watch carefully what will happen next days.

    If the same issue will happen again and again the reason can be hardware malfunction. Unfortunately on this virtual way it is not easy to say which part is responsible for this.

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