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Thread: Libretto W100 - Remap virtual keyboard

  1. Libretto W100 - Remap virtual keyboard
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    Jul 2011
    Hello everybody :^0
    I want to use the advantages arising by the absense of any physical keyboard by using my own keyboard layout on a virtual keyboard :p

    Is there a way to remap the keys of the Virtual Keyboard or does anyone know a virtual keyboard software which provides creating an own keyboard layout?

  2. Re: Libretto W100 - Remap virtual keyboard
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    Sep 2009
    To be honest it is not known to me that you can remap this virtual keyboard. I have checked this forum and nobody has reported anything about that.

  3. Re: Libretto W100 - Remap virtual keyboard
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    Jul 2009
    Hot Virtual Keyboard allows customizations, it is trialware and can be had for $29 USD but sometimes it can be had for $15 USD...

    I don't use it on my Libretto but I do use it on my HP Slate 500....

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