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Thread: AC100 - How to install e-mail?

  1. AC100 - How to install e-mail?
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    Jul 2011
    I recently bought an Toshiba AC-100-10T mini netbook. It came equipped with android. Can anyone tell me why i cant install my email on this machine?
    I cannot install gmail or yahoo either.How can I addres my extra memorycard? It is recognized but not approachable. Can I change from android to windows xp?
    Thanks for answering

  2. Re: AC100 - How to install e-mail?
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    Sep 2009
    As far as I know this machine is not designed for WXP and also not supported for Windows operating systems.

    As far as I know there must be preinstalled application for emails. Can you configure it and use your existing mail address.
    > How can I addres my extra memorycard?
    I donít understand what do you mean exactly.

  3. Re: AC100 - How to install e-mail?
    You can configure preinstalled email options with own emails. Put email address and password. After doing this check options shown at the screen.

  4. Re: AC100 - How to install e-mail?
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    Feb 2011
    I have yahoo as well as Google mail account working with the email client that is on the system. You must configure the accounts in the mailclient, and this is important, enable POP for Yahoo mail (in the Yahoo settings when you access yahoo mail via webbrowser from a PC, as well POP/IMAP forwarding for your google account. Access via browser from AC100 to these mailaccounts is also possible, however only the mobile versions work fine. Browser in desktop mode make some trouble, so I would not recommned to use it. Webaccess to yahoo works quite good with dolphin browser when you put it into iPad mode (user agent= iPad), the iPad version of yahoo mail uses better the larger display as the normal mobile version.

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