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Thread: Satellite L30 - not replaying sound from mic-in

  1. Satellite L30 - not replaying sound from mic-in
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    Jul 2011
    Hi all

    When I replay a webcam video that I took to test alls ok, there is no sound replayed in the movie, I have tried 2 new different webcams with the same result. When I test the mic in windows sound checker the green bar moves ok but then it tells me there is no microphone connected to the laptop... very strange when the green bar moves when I talk.. I’m starting to think it's the mic-in plug as I have gone through all the settings in can.

    The sound is ok when I play music or anything else, that’s why I think it’s something to do with the mic-in or a mic setting.. I’m stumped :)

    Any ideas what’s wrong.


    Satellite L30-105
    Win-Vista home basic
    2GB RAM

  2. Re: Satellite L30 - not replaying sound from mic-in
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    Oct 2009
    Hi nado-gr4,

    This is a little bit confusing… How you connect the webcam to your notebook? Via USB port and do you use the internal microphone of your webcam or have you connected an external one?

    I think you must set the default device in recording tab of sound settings: Control panel > sound > Recording tab.

    You should see the connected device and set it as default device. If not right click on this window and select “Show disabled devices” and “Show disconnected devices”.

    Check this!!!

  3. Re: Satellite L30 - not replaying sound from mic-in
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    Jul 2011
    hi again
    the webcam has 2 leads, 1 usb connection and 1 sound lead-in jack connection, i gather the sound one goes to the front mic-in jack. i imagine it has a mic because there is a sound lead-in plug

    just thought of something, in Device Manager\Sound there's only one entry "HD audio device".. should there be something else for the webcam, like i see in my Win-7 PC.

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