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Thread: Satellite A300 - Does card reader support SDXC cards?

  1. Satellite A300 - Does card reader support SDXC cards?
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    Jun 2011
    How can I find out if my SD card reader supports SDXC cards.
    My laptop is a satellite A300 and the properties of the card reader say " SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controlle".

    Am I able lto use SDXC cards with this device and if not am I able to upgrade the software to support SDXC cards?

    Thanks for your help

  2. Re: Satellite A300 - Does card reader support SDXC cards?

    I read in the forum about the card reader on Satellite A300 and I found very useful info.
    The card reader supports following kind of cards:

    - SD Card - 8MB-2GB
    - SDHC Card - 4GB
    - xD picture card - 16MB-2GB
    - Memory Stick - 8MB-256MB
    - Memory Stick Pro - 256MB-2GB
    - MultiMediaCard - 8MB-1GB
    - miniSD (with SD adapter) - 32MB-2GB

    As you can see teh SDXC cards are not supported... in such case I recommend using an common external USB card reader which would support the SDXC cards

  3. Re: Satellite A300 - Does card reader support SDXC cards?
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    Hi Assieflipflop,

    An list/information about supported memory cards you can find in user manual of your notebook. There is a list of supported memory cards of your computer.

    I have checked it and MasterG is right. SDXC cards are not supported and for such cards you have to use an external card reader. SDXC cards were not on the market a A300 time…

    External card readers are not expensive so check some online places. I use a Kingston USB card reader and it works perfect :)

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