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Thread: Satellite R630-141 - Display becoming over-saturated/bright

  1. Satellite R630-141 - Display becoming over-saturated/bright
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    Jun 2011

    I have a Satellite R630-141 laptop running Windows 7. I have noticed over the past couple of weeks that I have had the machine that it will on occasion suddenly have very over-saturated colors and extremely high contrast. This makes it impossible to see some fine lines (e.g. the grey outlines of stars in gmail completely disappear) and faces become completely distorted and banded in color. Restarting the computer resolves the problem. I have the latest drivers for the graphics (

    I wondered if anyone else had a similar problem and whether I should send the laptop back?


  2. Re: Satellite R630-141 - Display becoming over-saturated/bright
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    Hi cueball,

    That’s strange… Do you use the preinstalled Windows 7 version from Toshiba or is it your own installation that you use at the moment?

    Probably this has nothing to do with display driver… It would be interesting to know what happens with an external monitor. So if you connect an external monitor can you notice the same problem or is everything ok?

  3. Re: Satellite R630-141 - Display becoming over-saturated/bright
    I didn’t notice something similar on my notebook but I agree with the user above;
    next time you should connect an external monitor while this happens. In such case you could check if this is related to you internal display or maybe graphic chip.

  4. Re: Satellite R630-141 - Display becoming over-saturated/bright
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    Apr 2012

    i have the same problem with my 1 year old R630 Panel. From Time to time the colors are over saturated and the contrast is extremely high. The values are slowly increasing to a point where everything looks very bright and oversaturated. Then the effect goes away in the same slow way.

    This process is taking around one minute. It doesnt happen with a monitor connected to the HDMI / VGA port.

    Additionally to this problem i experience a extremely disturbing high beep while charging the R630. The noise isn´t produced from the AC adapter. It comes out of the notebook. If running on battery without the charger connected, the noise disappears.

    What should i do ?
    Does this run under warranty ?

    sorry for my bad english


  5. Re: Satellite R630-141 - Display becoming over-saturated/bright

    From my knowledge the Portege R800 supports an automatic brightness adjustment provided by Intel graphic chip. Possibly this is the same case with R630 series.
    Check this:
    +Intel display panel - power tab - power source/battery - power conservation feature - display power saving technology – uncheck+

    But to be honest the described issue sounds a little bit like an hardware problem and I think technician should check the single hardware parts.

  6. Re: Satellite R630-141 - Display becoming over-saturated/bright
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    I have this issue too. I've experienced it for quite a while (a year), the colours appear washed out, it last for ~30 seconds and then returns to normal. This used to happen quite a lot but I recently updated drivers and have only today noticed it happening again. I've never noticed it when connected via hdmi to external screen.

    Are we assuming it's hardware?

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