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Thread: Tecra R10-14C - Very slow start up

  1. Tecra R10-14C - Very slow start up
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    Jun 2011
    Hello All

    I have Tecra R10-14C and with recover software Windows Vista business 32 bit all the time when I turn on the notebook it takes a long time (from 15m to 25m) to start Windows, just in turn on notebook. But when I restart the notebook from Windows is is normal startup.

    I try to install Windows Vista through Toshiba HD Recovery software, and the same problem. The problem when turn on after shutdown, but in restart case is normal boot and very fast.

    Please help me

  2. Re: Tecra R10-14C - Very slow start up
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    Hi buddy,

    If you start the notebook after shut down does your notebook „hang“ on a certain point? What is exactly different to restart?

    For Windows it’s not important if you shut down or restart the computer that’s the same. I can only imagine the notebook hangs on Toshiba BIOS screen, is this correct?

  3. Re: Tecra R10-14C - Very slow start up
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    Jun 2011
    No in BIOS screen, the problem after booting and starting windows

    I try troubleshoot the following:

    1- format C drive and make chkdsk /r to check the bad sector.
    2- Install windows vista from Toshiba HDD recover, and second time from my original windows vista.
    3- download the latest BIOS update from Toshiba website and installed.
    4- check the BIOS setting (i'm already have another notebook Tecra R10-14C).

    All this steps, but still the problem. computer take 20 minutes in starting windows after booting. this case in computer turned off. but when i make restart from windows, is normal starting windows, without any problem.

    Many thanks

  4. Re: Tecra R10-14C - Very slow start up
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    Jun 2011
    No, the BIOS is booting normal, this problem while windows starting. windows take 20 minutes (black screen) to starting
    * I download and update the latest version of BIOS.
    * Install Toshiba HDD Recover Windows (two times).
    * instal windows from another source (Original Windows).

    But the same problem.

    This problem just when I turned off computer. but if i restart is no problem.

    Many Thanks

  5. Re: Tecra R10-14C - Very slow start up
    The BIOS screen can be passed properly but it hangs on windows booting screen for 20min. But this does not happen while booting the notebook for a second time…
    Hmm… strange…

    My first idea was that some background processes are running in the background or tries to load at the beginning of the booting process. But usually this should happen also while booting the notebook for a second time.
    So it’s a little bit strange…

    Theoretically it could be also a HDD malfunction. Maybe some bad sectors on the HDD cause this…
    You could try to test the HDD using a Drive Fitness Test software.
    Google for Drive Fitness Test and you should be able to download this tool.
    It’s a bootable disk which allows you to test the HDD.
    If some error would be detected, then this means that HDD is not fully ok and maybe a HDD replacement would be needed.

  6. Re: Tecra R10-14C - Very slow start up
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    Jun 2011
    Thank for your reply

    I check the HDD with checkdsk /r and other Hard Disk tools. Also, I try to install the driver for HDD (Storage Driver from Toshiba), but still the problem. I know this a strange problem, but I don't know why? specially when notebook is turned off only but in restart is working fine

  7. Re: Tecra R10-14C - Very slow start up
    Yes, its strange… I don’t think it’s software related since you have installed the OS again and the issue still persist…
    It would be interesting to know how the notebook would work installing only clean Windows OS (XP, Vista or Win7).

    But for me it sounds more and more as a hardware related issue…

  8. Re: Tecra R10-14C - Very slow start up
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    Feb 2012
    Hi i have same problem, i try to everything ram replace, hdd test, heat measure like that.
    But i escape one thing :)

    Its really comic for everybody, anyway my card reader have sd card and its in reader slot anytime, i setup the new o/s and then same problem have again.

    When i had removed sd card it had been restarting smoothly.
    i was shocked when it restarted.

    This situation valid for GSM card in the gsm slot.
    Please try it...

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