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Thread: Satellite C660 - Is not turning on

  1. Satellite C660 - Is not turning on
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    Hi all,

    Just got a new Satellite C660 PSC1LA-00J001 laptop which originally had 2gb ram in the shop but was upgraded with another 2gb to make 4gb (upgraded instore). Have unpacked from box and plugged in all power cords etc., pressed power button and a red light came on. After a little bit another green light came on. After another little while both lights went green. The screen however stayed black. I left it like this for the two and a half hours recommended for set up time but it hasn't done a thing since. I've tried to power off by holding the button down for some seconds but it's still not responding.

    Does it sound like this problem is to do with the new ram module that was placed in it? I'm not sure I'm confident enough to have a go at removing it and retesting or not. Should I take it back to the store? Or do you guys have any ideas to try. I don't want to wreck the laptop when I haven't even used it yet. I know a little about computers but am not confident in trouble shooting with my limited knowledge. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

  2. Re: Satellite C660 - Is not turning on
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    The initial setup can only be done if your notebook starts properly and Windows must be started. If you donít see something on screen it seems to be a serious hardware malfunction.

    Anyway, such things shouldnít happen on a brand new notebook and in your case I would return the notebook and ask for a replacement model. Iím sure the seller has other C660 models in range so take another one that you can be happy with your new Toshiba computer ;)

  3. Re: Satellite C660 - Is not turning on
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    Hi buddy,

    What you can do to fix this yourself is this:
    [Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start?|http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=21]

    Furthermore it would be interesting to know what happens with original RAM module only. Try to remove the second 2GB memory module and test it with preinstalled memory module only.
    Does it work?

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