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Thread: Warranty problem in Croatia

  1. Warranty problem in Croatia
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    Jun 2011
    I have bought Toshiba Satellite A665-145 in Zagreb 20.06.2011 and for two days now I am trying to register my laptop for standard warranty as well as for extended I can not do anything about it. I keep getting message that I have already registered but I did not get Certificate or agreement number so I can not register extended warranty so I took next step and followed instructions to send an e-mail with invoice on online-registration@toshiba.eu but nothing so far I have not recieved answer.
    Problem is that in Croatia we have extended holliday until next monday 27.06.2011 and until than my registration time will be over as I have read on toshiba web page.
    Pleas give me some instruction how to resolve this so that I do not lose warranty. Only what I have is invoice from salesman that I got on 20.06.2011
    Please I need urgent help
    If you can send me contact for Toshiba central in EUrope like e-mail or phone cause I want be able to resolve this in Croatia with dedline of 7 days
    Thank you in advance

  2. Re: Warranty problem in Croatia
    Hello nn

    Please contact nearest authorized Toshiba service provider. They will help you with this.
    I recommend you to contact guys from http://www.mojservis.hr/

    They can contact Toshiba directly and clarify the situation. Try to contact them on Friday. Monday is also not too late.

    I hope you will solve this problem soon.

  3. Re: Warranty problem in Croatia
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    Jun 2011
    Hope they will help I already did contact www.mojservis.hr but at Friday they do not work on Monday they do, they have promised to resolve this as wll I recived mail from Germany and also send them serial and scanned proof of purchase.
    I really want to have this warranty after horrific expirience with HP in which I had invest that much money that could buy me a new one just to make it work normally and my main reason to buy Toshiba was this warranty and recomendation from my friends.
    I belive I made right decision with buying this laptop.

  4. Re: Warranty problem in Croatia
    I also think everything will be OK.
    I know the guys and they have repaired my old A300. In few days only they have ordered and exchanged new mainboard. Really good service.

    Good luck Mr. Novalic. ;)

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