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Thread: Bulletin board error code 23

  1. Bulletin board error code 23
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    Oct 2010

    I' ve problem with bulletin board compare error code 23 and doesn' t work. When I press right button display error! I can't use function about this feature it is locked.

    Who can help me? Please!

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Re: Bulletin board error code 23
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    Oct 2009
    Hi buddy,

    It looks like that something has muddled up your Bulletin board software and so you get an error code and it’s not useable.

    Simple reinstallation of this program should help to get rid of this. Just visit the Toshiba website and search for newest version. Download and install it then your bulletin board software should work again as usual. :)

  3. Re: Bulletin board error code 23
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    May 2012

    I have this problem also and following your advice did NOT fix the problem.

    I have also tried completely uninstalling it, then removing all relevant registry entries, then re-installing the latest version fr om your support site.

    I have also tried running it in safe madoe, with a clean boot, and as an administrator. In all these cases I keep receiving the same error as the original poster (i.e. error 23).

    What else should I try please?


  4. Re: Bulletin board error code 23

    Error code 23 is not specific Toshiba Bulleting Board software error.
    This error is generated by Windows OS and the reason for this could be:

    • Windows Registry Damage or Corruption
    • Device Driver Conflicts
    • Hardware Malfunction
    • Virus or Spyware Infection
    • Software File Damage or Corruption

    So as you see, it’s really difficult to say what cause this…

    You can uninstall this software, could clean the registry using *CCleaner* and then you could try to reinstall this software once again… if the new installation does not help, then I would recommend checking new OS installation but I think it’s really annoying to reinstall the Toshiba image only to get this software working again… but its your decision…

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