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Thread: All files gone due virus?

  1. All files gone due virus?
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    May 2011

    I think I was hit with a virus this afternoon. I use current and upto date Norton 360 Virus software. All my files appear to be deleted and everything has gone from my desktop aswell.
    I have tried to do a system restore but this does not bring back my files.
    Can somebody please help me?


  2. Re: All files gone due virus?
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    Sep 2009

    Don’t understand me wrong but we can only speculate about this…

    What happens if start a virus scan with Norton? Does it find viruses on your computer or not?

  3. Re: All files gone due virus?

    Don’t think that virus can delete all your files… I mean the system could be infected but deleted?
    Once again: Are ONLY the desktop shortcuts deleted or also other files from HDD?

    If the system is infected, then I recommend start a system scan. Norton Antivirus is ok but I use Avira Antivir. This is freeware software and does not need many resources.
    If you want you can try to install this and to scan the system.

  4. Re: All files gone due virus?
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    Jun 2011
    hi, search for a data recovery softwar on google for window. With the help of that software you can get your data.

  5. Re: All files gone due virus?
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    Feb 2015
    The virus can only hide the files but not delite, it can also damage the files, but I want to point out it can't delete the files. You can recover you files with the help of Total commander/

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