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Thread: Satellite Pro U200 - External VGA monitor does not show any output

  1. Satellite Pro U200 - External VGA monitor does not show any output
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    Apr 2011
    I have bought this device as used from ebay. It is working fine except that the External VGA connection does not work. I am using win 7 and have it does recognize the external display correctly and I can configure it as an extended display. However the external display does not show anything. The external VGA monitor is fine as it works with other Laptop machines. I have tried using UBUNTU Live CD on this machine and tried to make the external display work (and it can also recongize the external display and configure it) but there is no picture. I also connected the external display to the vga port and then re-booted the machine but still no picture. I have tried changing the bios settings for the display as well but all my actions point to a hardware fault.

    I am not sure if it is a manufacturing fault ? Do you know if this issue has been reported earlier to you. Is there a product recall issued for this?
    Please advise as I need to connect this external display but am sure that it is a hardware fault with your device.

  2. Re: Satellite Pro U200 - External VGA monitor does not show any output
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    Oct 2009
    Hi buddy,

    Have you already tested it with „factory settings“? I mean the preinstalled Windows from Toshiba with all drivers and tools. If you have the Toshiba recovery disk you should boot from this disk and install Windows with all drivers and tools.

    Furthermore you can switch between external and internal monitor using FN+F5 key combination. Does this work?

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