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Thread: No sound on Satellite A350-20S

  1. No sound on Satellite A350-20S
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    Apr 2011
    The sound on my toshiba laptop is simply not working...

    i have the sound turned on, ive tried playing music from itunes, videos on media player, youtube videos... no sound at all

    ive checked my sound setting's and it says everything is working and my default sound says ''Speakers, TuneConvertAudio, Working''

    has anybody ever had this problem? any tips on what i should do?

    EDIT: Just to add, my laptop is in very good condition and there is no damage to the built-in speekers themselves

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  2. Re: No sound on Satellite A350-20S
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    Sep 2009
    So you are 100% sure itís not muted?

    Please try the key combination Fn +ESC
    This enables and disabled the mute.
    Furthermore I recommend uninstalling the sound driver.
    This might help if the issue would be related to a sound driver malfunction.

    Did you try headphones?

  3. Re: No sound on Satellite A350-20S
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    Oct 2009

    What operating system you are using?
    Normally if everything is ok in device manager it could be related to muted speakers as PauPau already wrote. In your case I would test FN+ESC key combination to unmute the speakers.

    Also it would be interesting to know what happens if you connect external speakers.

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