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Thread: Satellite A100-011 - RAM upgrade

  1. Satellite A100-011 - RAM upgrade
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    Apr 2011

    I have Satellite A100-011 notebook. And i want to upgrade its memory. It has 1GB DDR2 533 hz ram. My questions are as follows;
    1-How many ram slots does it have?
    2- Can i add 2GB DDR2 533 hz ram more, if yes , will it be 3GB total? Or shoud i replace 2gb with 1gb?
    3- ?s it possible to use DDR3 rams or diffrent frequence like 800 hz?
    4- Which mark i should use for upgrade? Kingston etc?
    5- ?f i upgrade my notebook's memory, can i install windows7 32 bit (i have windows vista at the moment)

    Thank you in advance

  2. Re: Satellite A100-011 - RAM upgrade
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    Iíll try to give you some answers:

    # According notebook specification it has two RAM slots
    # Your notebook can handle with 4 GB max so you can do whatever you want and it depends how many RAM you want to have inside. You can buy one RAM module with 2GB and have 3GB RAM. This should be enough to work with Vista or even Win7. Of course you can upgrade it to maximum and buy 2 X 2GB.
    # it has no sence at all. If FSB speed of your mainboard is 53MHz why to use 800MHZ modules. Your notebook will not be faster due to RAMs with more MHz.
    # Yes, Kingston produces high quality modules and using Kingston you should not have any compatibility issues.
    # I donít see any reason why you should not be able to install Win7 but before you do this visit Toshiba support page and check if your notebook model is supported for Win7.

  3. Re: Satellite A100-011 - RAM upgrade
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    Hi mate

    The RAM upgrade depends on the chipset.
    If the chipset support 533Mhz then faster modules would be clocked down.
    So itís not necessary to use faster modules because the notebook would not be able to use the full power.

    By the way; all this information are placed in the user manual which you could download from Toshiba page

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