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Thread: Why does my Qosmio X500-02M freezes?

  1. Why does my Qosmio X500-02M freezes?
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    Apr 2011
    I use my computer on daily activities and it freezes when I watch movie, listen to music, general computing needs, surfing the net just general usage.
    Has anyone in Brisbane Australia had this problem and how did they fix it. I have warranty left on it would they take it back if I ask for a refund on this computer or is it too late.

    All information would be much appreciated. When it freezes while watching movies etc, it makes a buzzing noise and the only way to stop it is turn the computer off then back on by the main power button.

  2. Re: Why does my Qosmio X500-02M freezes?
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    Sep 2009
    It is not easy to say why this happen?
    Have you noticed these freezing issues from the first day?

    Does your Qosmio freezes for second or two and then you can continue with your work or notebook must be restarted?

  3. Re: Why does my Qosmio X500-02M freezes?
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    Jun 2009

    I donít this you can get a refund even if the warranty is validÖ But I think the notebook can be repaired under warranty conditions.
    This means if the hardware is faulty, then the notebook could be fixed free of charge.

    The question is if itís really a hardware issue;
    This is not easy to say as posted by as***.
    Notebook can freezes due to software issue as well.

    Therefore I recommend reinstalling the OS once again using the recovery disk.
    Donít install any other software but test the notebook using the system preinstalled by Toshiba.

    Please also check if you are using latest BIOS.
    If not, update this.

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