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Thread: Satellite A200 freezes or restarts anytime

  1. Satellite A200 freezes or restarts anytime
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    Mar 2011

    I am facing problem with my Toshiba Satellite A200 since last week. The problem I have noticed yet is mentioned below in steps:

    1. Boot & Freezes at Logon Screen or Anytime
    2. Restarts anytime without any notification like Blue Screen or any dumping message

    Explanation in Details:

    As I startup my Laptop it may Freeze or Restart at any instant after boot logo. This happened many times I noticed. If it freezes, after waiting for half an hour if it does not restarts, no mouse movement, no taskmgr call, etc it completely freezes. Then I made it shut down by forcing i.e., pressing power button for long.

    *Points to be noted here: This happens when AC adapter is plugged in*

    Same repeated here with AC not plugged in (only on Battery)the system works absolutely fine till battery backup lasts with allowed load on processor and any Power Plan. Also tested on only AC (Battery not present) but same results, no resolution.

    As soon as AC is plugged in the Laptop is ready to freeze or restart anytime* and the time varies from instant to max 45 minutes as I noticed several times.

    Second thing to be noticed is that if I boot up in safe mode it works absolutely fine with & without AC plugged in.

    *Steps Taken to resolve it:*

    *High Temperature Resolved:*
    I also cleaned the Fan + Heat Sink + Metal Strips Filter in Front of FAN to avoid high temperature, but same results, no resolution.

    *OS Fresh Installation:*
    I installed a clean copy of OS but no effect found, same results, no resolution

    *AC Adapter Supply Check & replacement:*
    I checked the output of AC adapter it 19.7V DC at no load. I borrowed a new AC adapter with my cousin having same model, but same results, no resolution.

    *AC Adapter Socket Change:*
    To avoid Bad Supply, but same results, no resolution.

    Settings change CPU Frequency from Dynamic to Always Low & 2nd Core Disabled, same results, no resolution.

    After searching for a solution on various sites I tried several methods but no success.

    Finally worked for me is Boot in "Safe Mode->Device Manager->Disabled both Processors" & restarted in normal mode, all works fine.

    1. But what is the actual fault I want to know that?
    2. How much safe to operate with disabled Processors?
    3. What is the affect of it on Laptop?
    4. Is this is the genuine solution?

    Please provide me the genuine solution.


  2. Re: Satellite A200 freezes or restarts anytime
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    Hi mate

    The whole story sounds to me really strange… I mean the disabling of processors in device manager…
    Fact is that notebook should not freeze and should not restart anytime… if this is the case then something must be wrong with software or hardware.
    Since you have installed the OS and the issue is still available, I assume that something must be wrong with the hardware; possibly motherboard or the CPU itself…

    It’s hard to say what could be wrong but it seems like hardware is affected…

  3. Re: Satellite A200 freezes or restarts anytime
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    Sep 2009

    That’s really strange story as Paupau wrote but the only possibility is a hardware malfunction in my opinion. You have already tried a clean OS installation with same results so what to do more? I think you can’t do more.

    Such hardware related problems must be checked from professional people. With other words authorized service provider. You should get in contact with the guys and ask for help. They can make an exact diagnostic and repair the unit.

    Here is a list of them:
    http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP

    It’s always interesting to talk with the guys because they know a lot of notebook stuff and they are friendly. :)

  4. Re: Satellite A200 freezes or restarts anytime
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    Mar 2011
    Toshiba laptops, especially A200, seem to have some power management problem. Therefore, when the battery is low they start giving problems such as random restarts and freezing. Disabling both the cores of the processor is the best solution I have found so far, however, "Disabled" and "Always Low" settings in the BIOS have also worked for me (for the limited durations that I used them during some installations), which greatly helped me in installing SP1 after system recovery (because SP1 enables the cores again, greatly increasing the risk of a shutdown during installation and associated problems). I have been trying to mention this in different forums recently to help others having similar problems.

    Also there must be something in the "Services" that needs to be disabed to take care of this problem because the problems do go away in safe mode when limited services are available. One can probably make a start by disabling all the TOSHIBA services and seeing if the problems go away.

    It may be worth mentioning here that the problems specifically arise when the AC power is connected, with or without the battery. The laptop works fine only on battery but since the battery is already low it will shut down in a short time.

    Of course if someone wants to spend money on a new battery that too should work fine - theoretically speaking.

    The solution seems really strange but that is how you can make your laptop work on AC power, unfortunately. This suggests that the laptop tries to go to the battery power every now and then, despite the AC power being connected, and runs into problems if the battery is on its deathbed or missing.

    Toshiba should seriously look into this as hundreds, if not thousuands, of users have been posting similar issues for long.

  5. Re: Satellite A200 freezes or restarts anytime
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    Mar 2011
    My A200 has been randomly rebooting and freezing with AC power - am so happy with this solution - have disabled the Intel processors and so far no problems - thanks so much!. What is the effect with these disabled though? So far the performance seems OK. But performance reports are highlighting that they are disabled.
    Sorry for my ignorance but what actually is doing the processing (ie the CPU) if they are disabled?

  6. Re: Satellite A200 freezes or restarts anytime
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    Mar 2011
    What is being disabled is the driver and not the processor itself. Based on what I have read elsewhere, a driver allows the system to automatically adjust the CPU speed, voltage and power combination to match the instantaneous user performance needs. I do not know much about computers but I presume this will help in enhancing the life of battery, CPU, etc. May be a specific CPU-driver combination will deliver more than just power management but there seems to be some agreement that a CPU driver is not that important or necessary. One may have to do some googling to understand more about a CPU driver.

    My view is that a computer with driver-disabled CPU is far better than one that randomly reboots. I am really not bothered even if it has some marginal effect on performance and/or life. So far I have seen none.

  7. Re: Satellite A200 freezes or restarts anytime
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    Mar 2011
    Nevertheless, it might be a good idea to install some hardware monitoring program, such as HWMonitor, to keep an eye on your computer's health.

    +Change the following setting in the bios setup, under the 'Advanced' tab+
    +Dynamic CPU Frequency Mode = Always Low (NOT DYNAMIC)+
    +Save and Restart+

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