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Thread: Satellite A300-1M1 - Format without recovery CD?

  1. Satellite A300-1M1 - Format without recovery CD?
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    Feb 2011

    I have my Satellite A300 with Windows Vista for a while now, but it started to give me some problems a few days ago.

    All of a sudden, windows won't load, it frozed on the windows logo screen. Since i needed to recover the files i installed ubunto from a cd and i was able to get the files out safe. Now, and since i have this partition, everytime i get to the screen where i chose the partition and try to start windows, a black screen shows and nothing happens! So i thought let's format everything but I just can't make it to the recovery screen or terminal. I've tried every key and trick I could find or remember of, but it still goes to the partition screen.

    I have lost track of my recovery CD so, is there any way I can format without the recovery CD?

    Thank you!

  2. Re: Satellite A300-1M1 - Format without recovery CD?
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    Oct 2009

    If you want original factory settings back your only chance is Toshiba recovery disk. Generally speaking it’s no problem if you have lost it because you can order it from Toshiba but this service is not for free:

    Alternative you can use a normal Microsoft Windows disk. All drivers and tools you can get on official Toshiba website.

    Check this!!!

  3. Re: Satellite A300-1M1 - Format without recovery CD?
    No. You can do this with “factory settings” only.

    If you want to have “factory settings” again you must use recovery DVD.

    Anyway, I recommend you to install Windows 7 32 bit on your Satellite A300. I have the same notebook model and it runs perfectly with Win7.
    If you need some help or assistance let us know.

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