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Thread: Re: Windows 7 - Satellite M100-222 - Solved!

  1. Windows 7 - Satellite M100-222 - Solved!
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    Jun 2009
    Hi, everyone!

    I solved problems with "Windows 7" on "Toshiba" "Satellite" M100-222. For everyone who want use Windows 7 on this model!
    Install Window 7! Download specially drivers for "Toshiba" "Satellite" M100-222 (PSMA1E).

    Download BIOS v5.60! Update BIOS! Then install drivers.
    Display drivers (ATI Mobility Radeon x1400) you can download from here - http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Home.aspx
    Also you can download sound drivers ("Realtek" high definition audio codecs) from www.realtek.com.tw (if you care about new version of these drivers).

    Install "Toshiba" VAP v1.2.40 (Value added package).
    Follow system restarts during these operations.

    Everything will work correctly! I'm testing drivers with system compatibility now.
    Also Card Bus device drivers.

    I'll write news for "Toshiba" "Satellite" M100-222 user.
    Good luck everyone!

  2. Re: Windows 7 - Satellite M100-222 - Solved!
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    Sep 2009
    Hey mate

    Thanks for sharing this info with us! Itís nice to see that you could get Win 7 working on this M100 notebook.


  3. Re: Windows 7 - Satellite M100-222 - Solved!
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    Oct 2009
    Very interesting and thank you for sharing this information with us!

    Iím 100% sure itís useful for other Satellite M100 they want to install Windows 7 too :)

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