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Thread: Portege 4000 - How to enable WLan using W2k

  1. Portege 4000 - How to enable WLan using W2k
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    Mar 2009

    I've installed the Lucent Wireless LAN driver ( for this laptop which has W2K.

    However, I can't seem to control it! I also installed a Wireless Hotkey, but there are no instructions on it.

    This laptop originally had W98SE on it, and it was a struggle to get that working.

    Any ideas?

  2. Re: Portege 4000 - How to enable WLan using W2k
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    Jun 2009

    The FN buttons are controlled by Common Modules.
    Please install Common Modules in order to get the FN key working!
    Additionally you have to install Wireless Hotkey

    Furthermore there are two different WLan drivers for Portege W2k; Cisco Wlan driver and Lucent Technologies Wlan driver.
    Be sure that you are using the right driver!

  3. Re: Portege 4000 - How to enable WLan using W2k
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    Sep 2009
    Your old Portege is supported for Win200 and on Toshiba download page you can find all you need.
    I donít know if you will follow my advice but I recommend you to install Win20 again and all Toshiba stuff following this installation order:

    Windows 2000
    AGP Gart Driver V1.80
    DirectX V8.0a
    Trident Cyber Blade XP Ai1 Display Driver V5.9030-008A.22ICDNP
    ALi Audio Driver V5.12.01.5140
    Toshiba Software Modem SM31775ALL9
    QFE for PC Card and Wireless LAN MiniPCI Q296872
    QFE for countermeasure of Nimda Q301625
    Internet Explorer 6.0
    SMSC IrCC NDIS Miniport Device Driver V5.1.2500.0
    Logitech Mouseware V9.11#64
    Toshiba Common Modules V3.00.03
    Toshiba Power Saver V4.08.03
    Toshiba Utilities V3.00.00
    Toshiba Mobile Extension3 V3.04.00
    Toshiba Console V2.00.05
    Toshiba Controls V1.00.021.4000
    Toshiba Hotkey Utility for Display Devices V1.00.00.00
    Toshiba SD Card Driver V1.0.3
    Toshiba Internal LAN Driver V5.01
    Wireless LAN Driver V1.09
    Toshiba Client Manager V1.09
    Network Device Switch V1.02A
    Toshiba Wireless Hotkey V1.02A
    Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba V1.02.10
    Adobe Acrobat Reader V5.0
    Users Online Manual for Imola
    SPANworks 2000 Professional V1.04.200
    Windows Media Player 7
    Toshiba Skins for Windows Media Player 7 V1.00.1121
    InterVideo WinDVD Version 3.1 Build 54.10
    Toshiba Wallpaper
    Roxio Easy CD Creator(V5.10 RC19.1) addititional CD only with CD-RW/DVD-ROM or CD-R/RW

    Maybe some stuff is missing on Toshiba download page but you will find all other important drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities.


  4. Re: Portege 4000 - How to enable WLan using W2k
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    Mar 2009
    OK, thanks-I will try this at a later date, as I needed to get working and installed Puppy Linux which picked up every single driver!...

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