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Thread: Satellite Pro T110 - speaker volume problem

  1. Satellite Pro T110 - speaker volume problem
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    Jan 2011
    How do I increase the volume of the speakers in my T110?
    Ive read other forums that suggest thats just the way it is but that cant be right - its impossible to hear on max.
    My partner has a Toshiba NB300 (much smaller) but the speaker volume is much better.
    Is it a common problem with T110 buyers?
    Is there a fix PLEASE?

  2. Re: Satellite Pro T110 - speaker volume problem
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    Oct 2009
    Hi buddy,

    I never saw any other forums where people talk about low volume on Satellite T110Ö I also have this model and the sound volume is ok for this small and ultra portable notebook.

    I think you want to increase the volume when watching movies or listen music, right?
    Well, in this case I would recommend using VLC media player. In my opinion itís the best freeware player and using it you can improve volume compared to Windows media player.

    Have a look on Google to find it. Itís freeware tool so I donít think itís a problem to find. ;)

    Check this!!!

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