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Thread: Satellite L500-19X - HDD has failed

  1. Satellite L500-19X - HDD has failed
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    Jan 2011
    Hi All

    Hope somebody could help me.
    I have the L500-19X and the hard drive has failed.

    How do I l know which one to buy to replace it.
    I can't find any details anywhere

    Many thanks in advance of your help

  2. Re: Satellite L500-19X - HDD has failed

    You need an 2.5” SATA HDD.
    Since SATA interface has no limitation, you should be able to use any SATA 2.5” HDD

    Here are nice movies how to replace a HDD:


  3. Re: Satellite L500-19X - HDD has failed
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    Oct 2009
    Hi SJ73,

    You can buy every HDD with SATA interface because there is no limitation or something else on SATA interface. Everything with SATA interface will work. So just buy a 2.5” HDD with SATA interface that you prefer.

    As far as I know it’s also described in user manual how to replace the HDD. Did you read it?

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