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Thread: Satellite Pro M50 - Comaptible Toshiba tools for WIndows 7

  1. Satellite Pro M50 - Comaptible Toshiba tools for WIndows 7
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    Jan 2011
    Hi everyone,
    I own Satellite Pro M50, listed as discontinued model on Toshiba's official site - drivers and tools provided by Toshiba are only for XP, and several ones for Vista.

    I installed Windows 7 32bit and I'm very pleased with speed of the computer now. Windows 7 was able to detect my devices (display, usb, wifi, lan) and updated drivers successfully. Everything seems to work OK by now.

    Problem is with Toshiba tools.
    MasterG (to whom I'm already very thankful, but I didn't find a way how to address him directly) has advised other user with older model (M100-221) to use VAP and Flash Card Support Utility for L500 series.
    (for details : <a href="http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=57586&tstart=0" target="_newWindow" class="jive-link-external">http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=57586&tstart=0</a>)<br />
    I tried it, and the Flash Card Support utility worked. Now I can use the Fn-key.

    There are also some Toshiba features I would like to run: Power Saver, TouchPad utility, and so on. How could I find out which model has tools that could work as a substitute for my one or was it only coincidence that it worked?

    Thanks a lot in advance, and greetings to whole toshiba community, I'm really delighted with this support forums.


  2. Re: Satellite Pro M50 - Comaptible Toshiba tools for WIndows 7
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    Hi bevo,

    Itís nice to hear that you managed Windows 7 installation successful on your Satellite Pro M50 and you also like the forum as me. :)

    What tools you want exactly?
    There are some differences between XP and Windows 7 tools. For example Power Saver is already a part of Value Added Package and you can find the power saver settings in Windows Power Management of Windows.

    The touchpad utility you can download from other notebooks. As far as I know Synaptics and Alps Electric driver should work on every model but you must test it, I donít have Satellite Pro M50.

    Furthermore such a list of compatible tools is not known to me. Just try it.
    Important is that you install Windows 7 versions or at least for Vista. I think XP tools donít work.

    Good luck! :)

  3. Re: Satellite Pro M50 - Comaptible Toshiba tools for WIndows 7
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    Jan 2011
    Hello Xardas,
    thanks a lot for your fast reply!

    First - power saver - I checked Win Power Management as u suggested, I found three basic modes - I think this might help, hope it won't blow "my precious" out;) I was used to Toshiba ones, but in these conditions this should be good enough. SOLVED! :)

    *Touchpad is runnig, but I can't customize any of it's properties*. Wondering whether I used word "tool" as a right word - I wanted to describe a thing (maybe "utility" would fit better, form the toshiba software) that let me customize properties - like the areas, set operation to be launched after click on both buttons at one time and so on.. I found it very useful, and get used to it.
    When I check the Mouse settings in Windows 7 - it enlists 2 mouses - Scroll Mouse and PS/2 Scroll mouse. I've got USB mouse attached, so I guess the PS/2 Scroll mouse is the touchpad (I don't have any ps/2 port). Got the drivers updated but still, there are no options about touchpad.

    What is *Value Added Package* exactly? I tried the one for L500 series, but it didn't work.
    I could try downloading the Toshiba soft for different laptops, but it looks like a long distance run. Is there any way to find out which models should be more "alike" my M50? (to filter the ammount of different drivers and tools).

    again - thanks a lot!

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