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Thread: Libretto W100 - Switching language from German to English

  1. Libretto W100 - Switching language from German to English
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    Jan 2011
    I bought the german version of the Libretto w100 (10D) to get a 3G-sim slot. Despite what the seller told me, it is not possible to switch from german to english interface. I have since bought an upgrade (Windows Anytime) from Win7 Home to Win 7 Ultimate, to get additional language support. I now got english in (most) system menues, but the Toshiba specific applications still use german, even though I have removed/reinstalled and choosen english language during the installation process. Any suggestions on how to solve this?

    And no, I don't understand german language...

    / Anfanglir

  2. Re: switching language from german to english, Libretto w100
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    Jan 2011
    This being the european forum, I doubt you will find the answer here. Any drivers you download from here will probably be in german, since it automatically recognizes that you are in Germany.

    Go to the american support forum:

    Libretto is at the bottom of the page, ask if someone can download the english drivers and share them over megaupload or something.

    Hope this helps.


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