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Thread: DVD decoder for Windows Media player

  1. DVD decoder for Windows Media player
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    Aug 2005
    When i put a movie dvd in my satelite A10 he open windows media player and then he says that he can't find a dvd decoder. What must i do to watch dvd movies?

  2. Re: DVD decoder for Windows Media player
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    Dec 2004

    Watch the movie using DVD player given by Toshiba (InterVideo WinDVD). In this case you donít need any decoder and it will work properly.


  3. Re: DVD decoder for Windows Media player
    Hi kole

    Ivan25 is absolutely right. But nevertheless if you want to use the Windows Player, you need compatible codecs.You can find the latest Windows Media Player 9 Codecs Pack on many sites in the World Wide Web. I found this site. Please take the look.



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