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Thread: Satellite L450 - Won't boot

  1. Satellite L450 - Won't boot
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    Jan 2011

    I have a Satellite L450-188 and it has stopped working. I have tried to use the recovery disc but it wont recover and says the dics 0 and 1 no physical drive. Do you know what this means and how I can get round it at all?

    Thanks emma

  2. Re: Satellite L450 - Won't boot
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    Sep 2009

    > it has stopped working
    What does this mean? You can’t boot into Windows anymore or do you get an error message?

    Well, usually to reinstall Windows you have to boot from first recovery disk and then follow the screen instructions to reinstall Windows. Everything happens automatically and you get factory settings back.

  3. Re: Satellite L450 - Won't boot
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    Sep 2009

    If you CD/DVD drive does not boot from any disk, then there might be a compatibility issue between the CD/DVD drive and the disk.
    Copy the disk (recovery CD) to another CD using another computer.
    Then use this new CD in order to recovery the notebook.

    I made good experience with TDK –R disks… all my drives can read it.

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