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Thread: Stor.e TV + menu text too small to read

  1. Stor.e TV + menu text too small to read
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    Jan 2011
    Purchased a Stor.e + multimedia drive, the software is poorly designed that the Icons are bigger that the text, it is very difficult to read the text which cannot be changed. The design team should be fired for overlooking simple aspects of design of the software. The software has to be upgraded and when you have an upgrade let me know

  2. Re: Stor.e TV + menu text too small to read
    I read many opinions about the Stor.e TV but I never read about too small letters.
    The icons are bigger… that’s clear but in my opinion the letters are ok… they are not too big but also not too small.
    Of course this is my personal opinion and your opinion is different…

    PS; I didn’t find any new updates for this device on Toshiba European driver page.

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