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Thread: Satellite boot sequence?

  1. Satellite boot sequence?
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    Aug 2005
    Hi again folks

    How can I setup the boot sequence of my laptop so that it does CD-Rom - HDD - FDD - LAN.

    I want the CD-Rom first, but don't want the LAN option before the HDD or FDD (it takes forever to boot past this).

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Re: Satellite boot sequence?
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    Dec 2004
    Hi buddy,
    Dont have ur laptop model but I think it maybe the same for u as well...During the initial boot screen press F12 and set whatever order u wish.
    Alternately goto setup(press F2 during boot proc) and in the tab for boot change the order(F6 for up and F5 for down)..Hope it helps

  3. Re: Satellite boot sequence?
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    Aug 2005
    Thanks khusro. F12 will have to do, not quite how I would like it.
    Don't know why Toshiba have to do it this way, I prefer having total control from the Bios setup, as to which way my PC will boot up, not just the 6 alternatives Toshiba give.
    I suppose its what you grow up with.

  4. Re: Satellite boot sequence?
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    Sep 2004

    you have to differ if you have a Toshiba BIOS or Phoenix BIOS. This depends on your Model!

    When you have a Toshiba BIOS you can only change the available settings or you choose your prefered boot device with F12. Otherwise with the Phoenix BIOS you can change a little bit more like khusro wrote!


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