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Thread: Calibrate Panel 2 on Libretto W100

  1. Calibrate Panel 2 on Libretto W100
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    Nov 2010
    My knowledge and capability as an IT Manager should mean that this problem is a no-brainier, but it has beaten me!

    The second (lower) panel of my W100 needs re-calibrating, but I cannot convince the device to do this. I have accessed *Tablet PC Settings* and tried *Calibrate* - this allowed me to calibrate display panel 1 (top) perfectly. With the 2nd panel, trying to tap the crosshair produced the usual sound and circle where my finger pressed, but it would not acknowledge the 'tap'. The only option was to press *Esc* to exit.

    When trying *Setup* (within *Tablet PC Settings*), it seems that the device cannot cope with the idea of having to press *Enter* to continue - whether on the virtual keyboard or an actual USB device. As a result it is not possible to precede onto the actual calibration screen (although I can get beyond the 'Touch this screen to identify it as the touchscreen' command.

    Both touchscreens work perfectly, the virtual keyboard works perfectly on both panels . . . it is just that the calibrate process will only allow me to calibrate panel 1 and not panel 2 (even when I have selected panel 2.

    Is there a secret to which I am not privy?!

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

  2. Re: Calibrate Panel 2 on Libretto W100
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    When I tried to use the native calibration utility it screwed up the touch accuracy,so I reset the setting and it "fixed" the issue....Just hit Reset from the same control panel...



  3. Re: Calibrate Panel 2 on Libretto W100

    Can you please try this method for panel calibration:

    0) Tap the Reset, if calibration data was saved.
    1) Select 1. Toshiba Internal 1024x600 Panel
    2) Calibrate
    3) Select 2. Toshiba Internal 1024x600 Panel
    4) Tap the Reset
    5) Re-select 2. Toshiba Internal 1024x600 Panel
    6) Calibrate
    7) Calibrate is fine. (16 crosshair points)

    Please send some feedback.

  4. Re: Calibrate Panel 2 on Libretto W100
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    Nov 2010
    Many thanks for that suggestion - it seems to have resolved the problem, although not without a little anxiety! At point 5) on you instructions, all went well, but once calibrate was clicked again, the drop down list reverted back to '1. Toshiba Internal 1024x600 Panel' and the lower panel image with the 16 crosshair points displayed, but was inverted!! However, the calibration process seems to work just fine, so many thanks indeed.

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